2023 Charity Check-In

In January of 2023, the Foundation convened a group of local charity leaders to consider the following question:

How is your organization doing?

Through a series of facilitated exercises and peer to peer conversations, the group identified a number of areas where their organizations could be strengthened, and how the Foundation might help in that work.

The following is the Summary of Activities from our Charity Check-In:

Next Steps

The Summary of Activities is now in the hands of Board and staff members at the Foundation; together, they are formulating a path forward that will help to address the challenges identified by charities at the Check-In. We’ll post updates on this work on this page in the weeks and months ahead.

We see the Check-In as the start of an ongoing conversation, and we’ll continue to look for ways to engage with charities in support of their ongoing development.

Organizational Development Resources

As an initial response to some of the organizational challenges identified by charities at the Check-In, we’ll be building a self-serve resource list on this page.

The list will start small, and evolve as we identify more resources we want charities to know about.

If your charity has successfully used a resource and you think it should be included here, please contact Kevin Ronaghan, our Grants Administrator, at grants@cfso.net.

Upcoming Training

Communications: Turning Statistics Into Stories – Statistics Canada professional virtual workshop

April 4/5; 9:30 to 2:30 both days; online via Zoom. Learn more and register here.


TechSoup Canada: provides free (or almost free!) software to charities and non-profits from companies like Microsoft, Adobe, etc. through their Technology Donations Program.

Impact Measurement

Purppl: Five essential practices of good impact measurement (article)