What is a Community Foundation?

Community Foundations are all about people giving back…

Community Foundations also have established roots and are growing legacies in communities all across Canada. Standing apart in the field of charitable giving, they are dedicated to enriching the quality of community life in specific geographical areas. Community Foundations are not charities supporting their own programs, nor do they compete with other agencies for funds. Rather, they pool the charitable gifts of many donors to cultivate and grow permanently endowed legacy funds to provide lasting support for local priorities. Income earned by the permanent funds is distributed to support a broad range of community agencies, while the original investment is left to grow over time.

The three principle roles of a community foundation are to:

  1. Cultivate and grow permanently endowed legacy funds which are invested wisely for the long term benefit of the community
  2. Share the legacies by making effective grants from the investment earnings to seed, nurture and support a broad range of community initiatives
  3. Provide leadership in their communities by encouraging collaboration among charitable agencies, facilitating learning and convening opportunities for all

What is our history?  Where did we come from?

Seeds for a local community foundation were first planted in the early 1990’s by a small group of community-minded Penticton residents. Their vision for the organization, originally established as the Penticton & District Community Foundation, was to cultivate an enduring legacy that, with careful tending, would grow over time and see the quality of community life flourish well into the future.  more…