Bequest Language

The Community Foundation would be pleased to assist you with the process of refining giving language in your will, even if you prefer to give to a different charity. Our mission is to increase the level of giving in our region and we know that one reason people don’t give is because the questions seem t0o challenging to answer.

When considering a gift to charity in your estate, it is important to make sure that the language in your will:

  • accurately reflects your wishes
  • clearly and accurately identifies the charities you wish to support

There are some common pitfalls associated with gifts to charity that should be considered:

  • Is the name of the charity accurate?
  • What happens if the charity doesn’t exist when you die?
  • Do you want to provide specific instructions for your gift? For example, is the gift to be used only for a capital project? Is it to be endowed? Or do you want to allow the charity to make the best investment of your gift at the time?