CFSOS Grants a Record $410,000 to local charities

May 26, 2017

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A record $410,000 granted to local charities!

The Community Foundation of the South Okanagan| Similkameen [CFSOS] has approved granting of more than $410,000 to over 60 charities in the RDOS.


The Community Foundation of the South Okanagan Similkameen is dedicated to building healthy and vibrant communities throughout the region. “Grants were approved for projects from breakfast programs, to addiction recovery and environmental awareness, to name just a few, said Aaron McRann, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan Similkameen. “While there is always a need for short term funding priorities it is always our goal to support a broad cross section of community need through sustainable grants that often include supporting the operating needs for charities, which is often not a priority for many local funders,” added McRann.


With the 2017 grant total reaching $410,000, CFSOS’s total granting in the history of the organization is now over $2 million.  This has happened all while preserving the original capital that many people have generously donated over the years to build the endowment fund to more than $10 million.


The Community Foundation received over 55 applications from local organizations for the 2017 grant cycle.  Total requests came to more than $425,000.  “It’s important point to understand that about half of the $410,000 that we granted this year was pre-designated by donors who have already determined who they want to support from their fund.”  The other half of the grant money is given out through the Foundation’s annual grant process.


To learn about our grants and how they have made an impact in the community check out:


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Executive Director

Community Foundation of the South Okanagan |Similkameen

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