Donating Shares

Donating shares in-kind is one of the best ways to support a charity. The direct transfer of shares allows you to avoid capital gains tax that would be triggered if you were to sell shares and realize a gain on your investment. The process is also very simple and easy to navigate.

Here are the steps:

  1. The Donor or their broker completes our Letter of Direction and Authorization form (this ensures we are aware of the transaction).


  1. Our transfer agent is National Bank Financial. The broker completes the National Bank Financial Charitable Donation of Securities in Kind form and either sends the form through directly to National Bank Financial or to us.  If the broker sends the form to us, we send it directly to Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital (CC&L) and they manage communication with National Bank Financial.


  1. We provide a receipt for the value of the shares on the day they are received into our investment account. CC&L tells us when the shares are received and gives us the official price to receipt for.  The transfer can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, but usually only a few business days.


Letter of Direction & Authorization Form

National Bank Financial Donation Form  – CAD

National Bank Financial Donation Form – USD