A Place to Feel Calm

From the moment, you step into Otis’ Cave you immediately feel at ease. The cave is lit with a large bubble tube, which emits a calm blue light as bubbles gently float up and down.

Plush cushions and fibre-optic string are strategically placed in the cave allowing children to take a moment to themselves to relax and calm their anxiety.

For the children who attend the Okanagan Similkameen Neurological Society (OSNS) Child and Youth Development Centre, it is important to have a dedicated space they can go to feel calm and at ease.

Manisha Willms the Centre’s Director had always dreamed of a calm space that the children know they can go to if they are feeling overwhelmed.

The Cave is the result of hard work and planning by OSNS and a grant of over $9,000 provided by the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan Similkameen (CFSOS).

The donation was given from the Foundations annual grant’s program, which is made possible thanks to our donors who set up endowment funds with the Foundation, to support organizations like OSNS.

When donor’s set-up an endowment fund they not only provide one gift but their gift continues to give on year after year. The donation is pooled with CFSOS’ endowment fund, which is invested, and it is the interest earned on the investment that is granted to local organizations, like OSNS.

Although Otis’ Cave is only partly completed but OSNS can already see how the kids have benefited from the space said Willms.

OSNS hopes to see Otis’ Cave completed in 2017 and continue see the benefits it brings to the children at the centre,








Manisha Willms, OSNS Director, showcasing the fibre-optic rope that are available for the children to play with in the Cave.  Fibre-optic rope is a multisensory learning tool that allows children to safely handle and play with light and it has a gentle, relaxing effect with many therapeutic benefits for children.

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