Options for Sexual Health Clinic Opens in Penticton

The Penticton Options for Sexual Health working group received a grant for $19,635.61 from the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan. This grant will be used to open an Options for Sexual Health (OpT) clinic in Penticton in September 2012.

This clinic will operate 2 nights per week.  The clinic is essential to provide proper support for individuals who are struggling with sexual issues, but do not have a family doctor, or do not feel comfortable approaching their family doctor.

The clinic will be modelled after other Options for Sexual Health clinics already operating successfully in Vancouver.

The Opt clinic will offer youth and adults an additional low barrier option for reproductive and sexual health services in Penticton and its surrounding communities. The clinic will educate the public about sexual health, promote safe sexual practices through counselling and education, reduce the incidence of unplanned pregnancies and reduce the number of Sexually Transmitted Infections in our region. .

The Penticton OpT working group is comprised of local citizens and organizations with a commitment to provide service for South Okanagan youth and adults. Options for Sexual Health’s mission is to provide comprehensive education, accurate information, support for sexual expression and reproductive choice, and confidential clinical services that will help people in the South Okanagan enjoy healthy sexuality thoughout life.   Options for Sexual Health envisions a society that celebrates healthy sexuality, its diversity of expression, and a positive sexual self-image for individuals througout life.


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