Merle Waite Endowment Fund

Merle Waite - transparentMerle Waite is a quiet, kind-hearted woman from Penticton who made an important decision to create lasting impact in the community.

Since moving to Penticton, Merle has done some casual work and has spent time volunteering at community events such as Ironman, Fest-of-Ale, and with charities like Critter-aid, and the Soupeteria.  Merle has also rescued 4 cats and 2 dogs from the SPCA.

Merle’s biggest passions are gardening and animals.  In fact, it is because of her deep love of animals that she always knew she would support animal welfare charities in her will.

“I was always planning to leave money to support animals,” said Waite.   “I spoke with the Community Foundation staff and felt the best way to do that was to create an endowment fund so that it continues rather than being a one time donation,” added Waite.

There are several ways to create an endowment fund from one’s Will, with the most common method being to designate the Community Foundation as a beneficiary in the Will.

“It’s good to have a written contract in place so that it’s not something you’re thinking about,” said Waite.  The Community Foundation is now very clear about Merle’s wishes for her fund and will work to honour her wishes forever.

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