Community Foundation Programs

The Community Foundation is pleased to support our communities in a number of ways, above and beyond simply giving out grants.

Smart & Caring Communities

Smart & Caring Communities is a national initiative of Community Foundations of Canada.  The goal of this initiative is to ensure that every community in Canada is effectively served by a Community Foundation by Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017.

Vital Signs

Vital Signs is an community check-up conducted by the community foundations across Canada. Some
Foundations produce the report annually, while it is done bi-annually in the South Okanagan Similkameen. The report is an impartial measure of the health of our communities with a focus on 11 key issue areas.

100 Women Who Care

100 Women Who Care is a group of women who share a common desire to give back and inspire local philanthropy in our community. The group is open to all women — the more women who get involved, the greater our impact will be!

The YES Project

The YES Project, now managed by the Community Foundation, started with significant research and consultation with youth and service providers specializing in youth care. The three key goals for the project:

(1) better access to activities for all youth

(2) a communications strategy to promote youth interests

(3) the construction of a dedicated youth centre with activities and support services for all of Penticton’s youth.