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2nd Quarter event: June 14th at Lori Lawrie’s House- 305 Lower Bench Rd.

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About Us

100 Women Who Care is a group of women who share a common desire to give back and inspire local philanthropy in their community. The group is open to all women — the more women who get involved, the greater our impact will be!

How it works

  • The group meets four times a year
  • Pay a one-time $100 commitment fee which supports the 100 Women Who Care Endowment Fund- held with the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan | Similkameen
  • Every member pledges to donate a minimum of $50 at each of the four meetings or $200 per year (whether they attend or not) to be given to a selected local charitable organization.

Choosing an organization:

Each member can put their name and the name of an organization they would like to have considered in a drawing at each meeting. At the meeting, three members’ submissions will be chosen, and will each be given five minutes to provide an explanation of the organization and its services. Five minutes will also be provided for questions if needed. At the end of the presentations the attendees vote, ballots are counted, and the charity with the most votes is announced. The women make out their cheques for a minimum of $50 to the Community Foundation who will give the total donation to the charitable organization.  All donations will be issued a tax receipt.  When our membership grows to 100 members, we will be giving away a minimum of $5,000 at each meeting!

For a minimum of $200 a year (excluding the $100 one-time commitment fee), you can have a huge impact in your community. Think about the difference a $5,000 donation could make to a local charitable organization! Think about the impact of $20,000 or more in donations during one year’s time. At the same time, the 100 Women Who Care initiative will be building an endowment fund that will provide permanent funding to benefit our community in the future!

100 Women Who Care Endowment Fund

For every member who joins the 100 Women Who Care initiative they will commit by making a $100 donation to the 100 Women Who Care Endowment Fund which will be used to address future needs in the community.  Once the 100 Women Who Care Endowment Fund reaches $5,000 it can be used to grant out to a local organizations in the South Okanagan Similkameen.


To sign up for this group and to be added to the email list please fill out the form below and email it to admin@cfso.net.

100 Women Who Care Commitment Form

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Meeting dates will be held 4 times per year (April, June, September & December) and the specific dates will be announced at the previous meeting.

2017 Calendar of events:

1st Quarter- April 5th- Play Estate Winery

2nd Quarter- June 14th– Lori Lawrie’s house (100 Women co-founder and member) 305 Lower Bench Rd.

3rd Quarter- September 28th- Match Eatery and Public House at the new Cascades Casino

4th Quarter- Nov 29th– Penticton Lakeside Resort

*all events are from 5:30pm – 7:30pm

To be added to the 100 Women email list please contact admin@cfso.net.

Check out our past events:

Second Quarter Event June 2015

First Quarter Meeting in April held at Painted Rock Winery

Third Quarter Meeting in September held at Bad Tattoo Brewery

Fourth Quarter Meeting in November held at Bufflehead Pasta & Tapas Bar

Steering Committee

Colleen Pennington

Lori Lawrie

Riley Gettens

Sarah Trudeau

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Tips on talking about an organization

*Note if you write a cheque the tax receipt will be issued under the name or business name on the account.

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