Upper Carmi Clean up and Social

The Upper Carmi Neighbourhood spent the morning cleaning up Carmi Road and Beaverdell Road. In total we hauled away 500kg of garbage to the dump.
Kayla Hanak wrote – Cleaning up other peoples garbage without any reward other than the respect you gain for your community and neighbours that are alongside helping (and the AMAZING dinner after) now thats what I call a strong community! When it came down to the big pile of junk down a steep bank, having a chain of people helping to haul it up was more than rewarding with the laughs we had! The delicious meal after a long day was great! Nice to chit chat with everyone and see some new faces.
Following the morning cleanup our community gathered for a wonderful supper together. I was wonderful seeing everyone so relaxed, visiting and sharing stories. Some more comments from the evening include:
Sine Newbold – It was a really good day to get to know the neighbours. Weather was perfect and there was food involved which is always a good way to get people to chat. It was quite surprising to meet people that i had not met before and learn how much we all had in common. I now truly feel part of a community
Sandra Wilkes Krauer -The stories from people who experienced the Garnet fire in 1994 were amazing but made me aware that we truly need to continue working on an evacuation plan. Thank you to all who worked to clean up the area and to those who shared their stories.
This event turned out great. So many neighbours were happy to see each other and the evening really felt like we built a better relationship that will lead to a stronger community.
Thank you Community Foundation South Okanagan Similkameen and the City of Penticton for providing the grant to our Upper Carmi Neighbourhood.