Corporate Donors

Corporations are often in a unique situation to impact their community.  Community Foundations have a long history of working with civic-minded corporations to further the company’s goals in the community.  Very often, the company will establish a donor-advised fund which provides company executives and employees a simple, flexible, and effective method for funding grant awards to meet critical local needs.

These Corporate Funds are:

SimpleEmployees don’t have to devote long hours to charitable giving; the process is smooth and efficient.

Flexible. The company can give a variety of assets, recommend grants several times during the year, and change their giving to suit evolving priorities.

Effective. The company can draw on the community foundation’s expertise as needed, to help target its corporate charitable giving to best meet community priorities.

Businesses can plan to grow their funds through periodic gifts that qualify for charitable donation receipts. The fund provides an ongoing vehicle to support community needs in good times and bad, flexibility to change priorities from year to year, and enhanced pride for company employees.

Many businesses will also grow their funds in creative ways: besides direct corporate investments, vendors can contribute to the fund and employees and stockholders can be encouraged to divert their dividends into the fund or make direct contributions of their own.

If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then there is no doubt that the Community Foundation can help you:

  1. Does your corporation have a focus on a particular cause or concern?
  2. Is your corporation deluged by requests for support?
  3. Is your company moving into the South Okanagan or Simillkameen area and needing to establish a positive presence?
  4. Is your company leaving the area and do you have a desire to say “thank you” to the community that helped ensure your success?

For more information about how the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan | Similkameen can help your company achieve its philanthopic priorities, please contact our Executive Director, Aaron McRann at 250-493-9311.