Legacy Club

The Legacy Club is a group of very special individuals who have made a commitment to giving back to their community by creating a Legacy Gift, which is a donation to the Community Foundation from an individual’s estate, to support the charities and causes they care about most.

In most cases, this gift is set up as an endowment fund with the original donation being held permanently as capital, which is then invested with annual earnings granted back to local charities. Some Legacy Club members identify charities they wish to support with their endowment fund, while others have the Community Foundation select recipient charities based on current community needs and priorities.

Benefits: In addition to providing a lasting gift to their community and receiving estate tax savings, Legacy Club members are invited to attend private Legacy Club functions such as the annual social, and receive special recognition in reports, at events and on our digital Legacy Club Membership Wall. We welcome you to join the club!

Explore two ways to become a Legacy Club Member

In your Will
Name the Community Foundation as a beneficiary in your will. Possible assets include cash, investments, real estate, and other property.

In your Insurance Policy
Name the Foundation as a beneficiary on a policy and your estate receives the charitable tax
benefit. Or donate an entire policy today and you receive the tax benefit immediately.

In your Investments
Name the Community Foundation as a beneficiary on your investments, such as an RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan); RRIF (Registered Retirement Income Fund); or TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account). This provides the added benefit of avoiding estate taxes.

Contact us to explore your Legacy Fund Options:
Community Fund
Provide direct support for the community you love.
Scholarship/Bursary Fund
Provide support to students based on criteria you define.
Named Family Fund You have several options when it comes to creating a Named Family Fund:
Choose an area of interest
Support the area you’re most passionate about. Is it the environment? Animal welfare? The Arts?
Designate a specific charity
You identify now the charity (or charities) you wish to support forever.
Authorize the Foundation to choose
The Foundation identifies areas of pressing community needs

Contact us to learn more or to join: aaronmcrann@cfso.net. We’d love to hear from you!

Legacy Club Membership Wall Coming Soon!