Create a Fund

As your local charity experts, we would love to help you set up a fund that gives year-after-year to a charity or charities of your choice. In fact, the Community Foundation manages more than 200 funds for donors across all areas of giving in our region. Browse our list of funds here.

Your professional advisor may direct you to us for a discussion, or feel free to contact us directly. We help you consider all of your giving choices in your community, including whether setting up a fund is the best option for you and your giving goals.

When we meet, we’ll chat about things like the purpose of the gift, the type and amount of the gift, the name of the fund, how much involvement you’d like to have with the fund, and the type of recognition that works best for you.

If you decide to go ahead with a fund, we’ll then help you take care of paperwork, ensuring that Canada Revenue Agency’s requirements are met, and that your gift is carried out according to your wishes, in perpetuity (if that’s what you wish).

Please visit our Learn About Giving page to find donor resources that talk about reasons to give, tips on how to give wisely, the benefits of using a professional advisor, and the various ways that you can choose to give.