Okanagan Falls Community Fund

Giving to this fund helps support a wide variety of programs, events and activities in Okanagan Falls.

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Okanagan Falls

This new Community Fund is a growing pool of donated dollars that will be used to support a wide variety of programs and activities in Okanagan Falls.

Giving to this fund is your connection to local charity, providing support for Okanagan Falls today while creating new choices for new projects in the future. Give where you live today!

How the Fund works

  1. People donate to the Community Fund to create a pool of donated dollars, which is managed by the Community Foundation.
  2. The pool of donations is invested and every year, in perpetuity, earnings from that investment are used to help support projects and programs in OK Falls.
  3. Individuals and local charities apply to the Community Foundation to receive funding to run a program, project, event or activity in the community.
  4. Projects are selected to receive funding through a partnership with the OK Falls Community Fund Advisory Committee and the Community Foundation. The Advisory Committee provides input on community needs and priorities, and the Community Foundation manages the granting process.
  5. Funds are granted to local charities and individual recipients so they can set to work making OK Falls a thriving community.
  6. Repeat process in perpetuity!

Types of activities supported by the Fund

All kinds of community-specific projects can be funded:

  • Vibrant arts and cultural events
  • Sports and recreational activities
  • Opportunities for our youngest to oldest citizens
  • Innovative programs
  • Resources for longer-term preservation and for responding to immediate needs

How to Donate

Anyone who would like to provide lasting support for community projects and programs in Okanagan Falls is welcome to contribute to the Community Fund.

When this new Fund reaches $20,000 in donations it will start providing grants back to community projects. We know there is a lot of heart in the community and many people are looking for an impactful way to give back.

 Donate today!

Apply for Funding

To learn more about how to apply, please visit our Foundation Grants page.


To learn more: Kim English kimenglish@cfso.net 250-486-2020