Fund for Gender Equality

The Community Foundation is collaborating with Community Foundations of Canada and the Fund for Gender Equality to support local organizations and movements advancing gender equality and the empowerment of all genders, including women, non-binary people and trans people. The project is rolling out in phases, with another phase coming soon. Read about the projects and organizations that have been funded so far through the pilot phase and the first phase of the project.

Pilot Phase: 2019 Fund for Gender Equality Recipients

IndigenEYEZ- $10,000: This multi-phase project begins with an invitational think tank to identify the needs of emerging Indigenous women leaders in the South Okanagan Similkameen and then builds a responsive program for subsequent delivery. 

OneSky/Foundry Penticton- $7,571: Quality relationship and sex education programs aimed at supporting autonomy and inner strength while providing the opportunity to have peer led discussions to form the framework for additional programming around youth health and wellness. 

SOICS- $7,571: Promoting gender equality by empowering immigrant women and building their capacity as leaders in the community. The program will provide safe spaces to voice opinions and form solutions to barriers immigrant women face to achieving gender equality. 

Ooknakane Friendship Centre- $7,571: The main objective for this pilot project is to bring emotional, mental, physical and spiritual support to the women who have found themselves locked up with confusion, bewilderment and desperation. The goals are to make connections, give support and information to the women who are currently in remand and awaiting court appearances in the Okanagan. 

Phase One: 2021 Fund for Gender Equality Recipients

IndigenEYEZ was awarded $40,000 for their Stepping Up Together program: Empowering Women Leaders in the South Okanagan. An Indigenous-led leadership program inclusive of ethnic and gender diversity with the goal of developing skills and supportive alliances among women, Two-Spirit, and gender diverse people to increase our capacity to act as leaders in the South Okanagan Similkameen.

SOWINS was awarded $15,000 for the Explore Pre-Employment Program. Explore is a workshop-based pre-employment program for women who have experienced gender-based violence to help them achieve economic empowerment and financial security.

Foundry Penticton was awarded $25,000 to build a team-based approach to gender affirming care in the South Okanagan. Advancing the gender affirming model will promote health and positive development for a highly under served population (trans and gender diverse youth aged 12 to 24), and by integrating primary care, mental health, peer support and social services, will also work towards eliminating health disparities, discrimination and stigma.

Stay tuned for information about upcoming phases and how to apply.

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