Neighbourhood Small Grants

If you have an idea for a neighbourhood project, event or activity, apply for a grant for up to
$500 to make your dream come alive.

We fund any project that fosters community creativity and connection such as a neighbourhood
block party, an outdoor movie night, a neighbourhood craft day and much more!

What projects are eligible?

Almost any project that takes place in the area where you live, and helps make your community
better qualifies. After all, there’s no single right way to build community!

  • Projects must accomodate current Public Health Guidelines; to keep up to date visit 
  • Events cannot take place on holidays (July 1, August 2, September 6, October 11, October 31, November 11)
  • Plan your event start for July onwards.
  • Projects must be completed by November 30, 2022.
  • Your project must be free to attend and participate in. We encourage applications for projects that are accessible to people with disabilities and inclusive of all people.
  • You may not fundraise for other projects and/or organizations. However, we encourage you to seek donations or gifts in kind from local businesses to help support your project.
  • You must begin your project after the grant decision is made. Projects are not supported retroactively.
  • Service delivery and emergency relief programs supporting low-income and other vulnerable people are out of the scope of Neighbourhood Small Grants.

Who can apply?

Anyone in our local region can apply. This program is accessible and inclusive to anyone, no matter their age, ethnicity, income, cultural background, gender, ability and sexual orientation.

Registered charity organizations, societies, and businesses are not eligible to apply.

How to apply – CLOSED for 2022

To apply for a Neighbourhood Small Grant, complete a short online application.

You must apply for a grant to receive funds, but you do not need to pay the money back.

Project the starting date of your event or project to begin in July. Grants can take up to six weeks to process and projects are not awarded retroactively.

Questions? Email: 

How will I hear if my application is successful?

Applicants will be informed of the grant committee’s decision within four weeks of applying. Awards will then take up to six weeks to process.

You will receive a Project Leaders package that includes ideas to help make your project even better, the expense form, and other resourceful links.   

To inspire other people to do similar projects, please document your project with photos, videos or by writing short summary and share them with the CFSOS NSG Coordinator as soon as you are done with your project.

Neighbourhood Small Grants is a province-wide initiative and project leaders are encouraged to share their NSG story at

Community Foundation of South Okanagan|Similkameen and the NSG logos should be acknowledged by displaying appropriate logos on your project promotional materials. These logos are located in the NSG Project Leader’s Package. 

Everyone has gifts: Anyone can offer their ideas, talents, skills, experiences and contacts to build a strong community

Small is powerful: Small amounts of money have the potential to bring powerful changes in the community in the forms of new relationships, increased self-confidence, leadership development, a stronger sense of place and the creation of local traditions

Local decisions are best: Community members from diverse backgrounds and experiences get an opportunity to make decisions on who should get the grants in their community

Where we live matters: the grants enable anyone to team up with their neighbour and come up with a project that they can carry out within an area of where they live and based on what they think works best in their community 

We learn together: There is no single right way to build community so anyone involved in the program will have many opportunities to learn, share, reflect, exchange and capture knowledge, skills and information that they can use within and beyond the program

Everyone is invited: The program is accessible and inclusive to anyone living in an NSG area no matter their age, ethnicity, income, cultural background, gender, ability and sexual orientation

Community Foundation of the South Okanagan Similkameen Neighbourhood Small Grants are co-funded by the Vancouver Foundation NSG Program and the City of Penticton. NSG is delivered in partnership with the RDOS and local governments. 

Neighbourhood Small Grants is a provincial program to learn what other communities are doing visit

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