Neighbourhood Small Grants

Please note: the grant application deadline has passed for 2016. Check back in Spring 2017!

Read about our Neighbourhood Small Grants from 2016!

Thank you for your interest in Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG)! In partnership with the Vancouver Foundation and the City of Penticton, the Community Foundation is proud to introduce Neighbourhood Small Grants for every community in the South Okanagan Similkameen.

By also partnering with caring people like you, the Community Foundation hopes to make a deep and lasting impact on the quality of life of citizens in our communities.

Please take a moment to read about the background of NSG and the NSG goals.  The more you know about the goals of the program, the more likely your idea will be funded.

Awarded projects will be contacted by the end of September.  Events or projects are to be completed by December 31, 2016.

You can review some NSG project ideas by downloading this document:


About Neighbourhood Small Grants

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The program is based on a simple but powerful idea: When people feel a sense of connection to their neighbourhood — a sense of belonging — they are more likely to be engaged in activities that make it a better place to live. And when people are active in the life of their neighbourhood, our communities are strengthened from the ground up.

To further explore the idea of neighbourhood connection and engagement, in the 2015 Vital Signs survey, conducted by CFSOS, the survey results demonstrated that people who speak to their neighbours on a regular basis and get together with their neighbours socially are more trusting, and are more likely to participate in neighbourhood and community activities. Those who do not feel a sense of trust among neighbours, feel less welcome in their neighbourhood. They also feel more alone and find it difficult to make friends.

Neighbourhood Small Grants help connect and engage residents in their community by encouraging them to come up with their own ideas for how to strengthen their community. Community Foundation Okanagan /Similkameen then funds many of those ideas.

We believe that communities know what is best for their area, and so we make sure that decisions about projects are made locally. We rely on CFSOS Community Committees — made up of people living in the communities — to review the ideas submitted by residents and decide which ones to fund. Small grants of up to $500 are available for projects initiated and undertaken by local residents. Neighbourhood Small Grants is delivered in partnership with Community Organization Partners.

NSG Goals

The Neighbourhood Smalls Grants Program aims to stimulate creativity, encourage local solutions, build connections between neighbours, and engage people from all backgrounds and circumstances in the life of their community.

The Neighbourhood Small Grants Program has the following goals and objectives:

Connect and engage neighbourhood residents- Build new relationships amongst neighbourhood residents (e.g. block parties to introduce new neighbours)
- Deepen existing relationships amongst neighbourhood residents (e.g. weekly neighbourhood clean up parties)
Share residents’ skills and knowledge-Local residents share their skills and knowledge with other residents in the neighbourhood (e.g. yoga instructor giving free lessons)
- Provide opportunities for participants to learn from each other (e.g. community kitchen where participants exchange cooking skills and share a meal)
Build sense of ownership and pride- Showcase local resources including talent, public and private spaces, arts, culture and food (e.g. historical tour of neighbourhood by a long time resident)
- Engage residents to make meaningful contributions or give back to their communities (e.g. cleanup invasive species from alleyway)
Respect and celebrate diversity- Showcase the diversity within the community (e.g. multicultural fashion show)
- Connect people across boundaries of age, ethnic backgrounds, income level, sexual orientation, physical abilities etc. (e.g. senior and youth gardening together)
- Respect and promote accessibility and social inclusion (e.g. cost-free activities and events)
Neighbourhood Small Grants is delivered in partnership with Community Organization Partners.