Okanagan Regional Library Fund

Donations to the Okanagan Regional Library Fund will be used to support programming at 10 library branches in the South Okanagan. Because you are donating to an endowment fund, your gift will provide support for these libraries in perpetuity and will help support programs that benefit children and youth, entrepreneurism, and introducing new technologies.

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The Mission of the Okanagan Regional Library (ORL) is to Connect Curious Minds. Our 31 library branches spread across the Okanagan are an integral part of life in our diverse communities. They are welcoming and all-inclusive places where people can come to learn, gain knowledge, innovate and be creative. Now more than ever, access to lifelong learning and new digital technologies are essential in helping people transform their lives.

We work to understand the needs of people we serve and embrace change in order to meet those needs. Like universities and hospitals, libraries have recognized that to be Centres of Excellence in supporting their communities, donations can make a tremendous difference. Your generous donation will help support community programming at the 10 ORL library branches in the South Okanagan. Your funds will help support projects and programs that benefit children and youth, introduction of new technologies and entrepreneurism.