Penticton Public Art Fund

Pubic art is about forging connections between people, places, cultures, and ideas. It gives identity to a location and city. Sculptures invite us to pause, examine and even touch. While we contemplate the art, neighbours and strangers strike up conversations and connections occur. Public art educates, engages and contributes to vibrant, welcoming and beautiful community. A recent study found that Canadians who rate arts, culture and leisure in their city or town as excellent are nearly 3x more likely to report a very strong sense of belonging in their community.

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This is a fund where success can be measured by the number of new public art works in the City.  

Once the fund reaches $10,000 it will begin granting.  Those grants will go directly to sculptors for the creation of public art in Penticton.

If you would like to find out more about public art in general, public art in Penticton or any aspect of Penticton’s sculpture initiatives or if you are a business owner and would like to explore sponsoring a sculpture for your business contact Robin Robertson at

Your donation will help us provide that first grant!