Grant to Arts Council keeps on giving
Grant to Arts Council keeps on giving

Grant to Arts Council keeps on giving

Bethany Handfieldof the Penticton & District Arts Council at a youth week event held in collaboration with the Penticton Public Library. 

If you were out and about last year, you probably saw The Penticton & District Arts Council at KidsFest, Indigenous People’s Day, Youth Week, Seniors Week and many more events, all thanks to receiving a Community Foundation grant. 

“By taking part in these events, it gave us the opportunity to form community partnerships and bring art experiences into the community which has been extraordinary for our organization,” says Bethany Handfield, the Council’s administrator. 

In their fall granting cycle, the Foundation encourages organizations to apply for their current needs – whether that’s for projects, programs, capital improvements, equipment or technology upgrades or for operational costs.  

“It’s important to recognize how impactful operational funding is to organizations,” said Aaron McRann, Executive Director of the Community Foundation.  “Our local organizations can take a grant and leverage it for much more such as community partnerships, capacity to fundraise and apply for further funding opportunities.”  

In fact, the Arts Council was able to leverage their $8,500 operations grant to pay for an administrative employee which allowed them to further being awarded a $30,000 grant, $5,000 through fundraising initiatives, collaborate with more than seven local organizations and be present and take part in five community events. 

Apply for the 2023 Foundation Grants Cycle here!