Remembering a community builder
Remembering a community builder

Remembering a community builder

When I met up with John and Bob Armstrong to discuss the passing of their father, Charles Armstrong, they were quick to say, “We’re buying lunch. Dad would have wanted it this way.” 

Described by many as a force of nature, Charles leveraged his intellect and drive to make enormous and lasting impacts in the community, whether he was working in private business, or in service to the charities and causes he cared about. Always interested in giving back, he set up the Charles & Irene Bursary fund, and sat on several boards, including as President of the Community Foundation. 

 “Although not a founding member of the foundation, he was the most impactful President and board member the society ever had,” said Chris Hawkins, also a past board director. “In 2000, he transformed the foundation into the successful, thriving entity it remains today.” 

Charles’ sons explained that their dad lived by the saying “Frequently wrong, never in doubt.” At the Foundation, he used this decisiveness and determination to great effect, creating policies that have guided much of the organization’s growth, development and innovation for the past 15 years, and which have now been shared with dozens of other foundations across Canada. 

Charles passed peacefully on Nov. 8th 2022 at the age of 95. Predeceased by his wife Irene, he will be fondly remembered by his children Anne, Bob and John, and by all of us at the Community Foundation. 

–Aaron McRann, Executive Director